Cast Bars

LM Gold Cast Bars

99.99% pure gold standard is the raw material for making Gold Jewellery / Gold Rust 14 up to 24 carats in which the levels are equivalent to the gold content.

Metal for the manufacture of Gold Jewelry is mixing silver and copper. Gold with a little redness is the dominant view of his silver copper gold sedankan with yellowish appearance is dominant silver from copper.

Investment in Pure Gold Precious Metals gets Assurance Certification and can be traded anywhere, or investment in 14 karat gold jewelry up to 24 carats with very varied levels gives you a natural choice to determine whether the 99.99% pure gold or jewelry with the guarantee certificate carat gold is very varied in levels.


Weight (gram) Thickness (mm) Dimension (mm)
12500 (400Troy ounce)
42.0 238 x 78
1000 8.85 118 x 53.7
250 3.11 83.3 x 50